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Heidi, Max, Brandy and Snifter

Patty and I share our home with four great pets as well as all the other wildlife members that visit often and live free.

Max and Heidi are five year old German Shepherds. They're brother and sister and were the first and second to be born out of five pups between 3-5 am on 4-12-04. Heidi is 95lbs and is very jealous of anyone other than her getting attention, she wants it all. Max just wants to play and carries a Frisbee or ball around hoping for some play time. They love to chase flashlight light beams and laser pointers around at night and tag team to corner the prey. Max is great at catching Frisbees in the air. Heidi can jump higher but she's too busy chasing the neighbor dog along the fence to care.

Brandy and Snifter are our cats. Brandy came from the Humane Society and Snifter from our neighbor Larry Sr. Brandy has her given name from her original owner. Snifter had allergies as a kitten and was always sniffing deeply and noisily. The two names are great together a Snifter of Brandy, lol Not only a delicious cocktail but cat names. Click on images above to see each member's gallery. (comming soon)

Past Pets