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About this site:

This site is where I post the photos I take, and play with webcams and weather stations.
The backgroung images are from Jean Clock Park.
I have an infrared cam off the front of the house that uploads a single image via FTP every 60 seconds to the Weather Underground site. They use each image to build an animation/time lapse of the days weather, or other things going on. You can often see Max and Heidi napping or barking at bird shadows. I have another camera feeding a PC via firewire that streams near real time. A mic with wind screen is out the window, you should be able to hear the birds and cars go by. I have a bidirectional microwave link WISP (wireless internet service provider) for my broadband connection.

The weather station is a lacrosse WS-2315OAK next to the Main pc with a wired connection to the outdoor sensors. On the north of the house is the temp/hum sensor in the shade to reduce solar heating and false readings. The anemometer is on the tower and rain gauge out in the open in the front yard. It uploads every 8 seconds to the weather underground site and also generates the small weather sticker with all the info including indoor temp and humidity. You can see a few years of weather data by clicking the details link.

About me:

I was born in west Michigan and currently live in its southwest corner. I have a Bachelors degree from Ferris State University and work for the University Computing Center at WMU as a Technology Consultant. Needless to say, I'm into tech. I own three acres in the country on a wooded lot with a ravine and stream. I have many interests and hobbies. When I lived further north on the Lake Michigan shoreline my favorite thing to do was to haul a blanket, cooler and firewood down to the beach before sunset and enjoy a romantic night by the fire. The air would get cool and the water felt warm. I've tried to recreate this at home. One corner of the deck has a bricked in area for a fire and the other a hot tub. There's an above ground pool in the back. Check out the links on the left for more. Click on the rotating logo to go to the home page. Thanks! ~Kevin.


I'm not short, the bike is tall